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Wanigas comes from Saginaw spelled backwards. Art Neumann ran the Wanigas shop from the late 40s through the early 90s. Wanigas produced a limited number of rods in cane and glass. Production was only a couple hundred rods a year at best. Neumann built glass rods with blanks from NARMCO, then Grizzly, and finally Phillipson. After 3M purchased Phillipson, Wanigas rods were built on Lamiglas blanks.

Because of the low production rate, Wanigas rods are not often seen on the secondary market.


sideshow said on Oct 4, 2009

Waniglass rods a myth??! Art Neuman one of the founders of trout unlimited ran company I believe. We used to auction off his custom built wanigas rods built by Mark Fitch of Linwood Michigan at the Mershon Chaptor of TU dinners, which is the Saginaw chapter or the founders chapter as we called it since most of the founders were from bay city or saginaw Michigan.