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Actionrod was located in Orchard Park, Michigan (near Detroit). In the 50s, they made a couple of lines of rather nice fly rods. Later rods from the 60s were of lesser quality, at least those that I have handled.

I'll get around to filling this in sooner rather than later.


06/19-08 Evanslmtd/Barry

I just received an Actionrod that’s in very good shape. It’s a 7-1/2’, 2 piece rod that has 6 snake guides plus a stripper and is wrapped in a green/black jasper/twisted thread (looks like a fine diameter silk) with no trim bands or checks.

This rod has a Fenwick style cork grip that measures 6-1/4".

The reel seat is down locking and appears to be made of a plastic/Bakelite material. It’s two-tone matte black with silver/aluminum bands and lock nut.

The decal reads:
Orchard Industries, Inc.
Detroit 5, Michigan

There is/was no model number indicated on the decal or blank.

This rod casts very well with either a 6 wgt. SA Headstart or a WF7-F line.