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Lamiglas no longer sells the Spring Creek fiberglass flyrod line or the blanks. There are probably a few rods still in fly shop inventories, but finding one will take a little luck. The following marketing description was taken from an older version of the Lamiglas website, "Retro styled with amber/brown colored blanks and mahogany-colored wraps, the rods feature traditional snake guides, stainless steel stripper guide, and a wood barreled reel seat with cigar grip. Smooth and effortless to cast, the Spring Creek series is perfect for small streams and ponds where life moves at a comfortable pace." The rods are both 2 piece with tip over butt glass ferrules.

Model NumberLengthLine Weight
CGF 6636'6" 3
CGF 7647'6"4

Rod Blanks

Lamiglas is well known for selling great fly rod blanks used by many custom rodbuilders.  While all these blanks make fine rods, the 7½ foot, 4 weight has a reputation on the Fiberglass Flyrodders board as the pick of the litter.  And the feel of the three piece and 6 piece rods is very consistent within a model, while the two piece are reputed to be a smidge quicker.  The two piece rods have tip over butt glass ferrules.  The three and six piece blanks have spigot ferrules. "Traditional slow action blanks for small streams and light tippets. Traditional Honey color"  Quite a few custom builders make some very fine rods with these blanks.

Model No.LengthSectionsLine Wt.Butt Dia.Tip Dia.Weight (oz)
FL 7836'6"2 piece30.3454.57/8
FL 8437 foot2 piece30.4055.51 5/8
FL 9047'6"2 piece40.4455.51 3/4
FL 9658 foot2 piece50.4906.02
FL 783-36'6"3 piece30.3905.51 1/4
FL 843-37 foot3 piece30.4055.51 3/5
FL 904-37'6"3 piece40.4405.51 3/8
FL 965-38 foot3 piece50.4506.02 1/4
FL 783-66'6"6 piece30.3906.01 3/4
FL 843-67 foot6 piece30.4055.51 5/8
FL 904-67'6"6 piece40.4505.51 3/4
FL 965-68 foot 6 piece50.4506.01 7/8

Lamiglas no longer sells the raw blanks for the Spring Creek rods either, but again there may be some old stock out there.  These blanks are a faster action than the traditional honey blanks.

Model No.LengthLine Wt.Butt Dia.Tip Dia.Weight (oz)
CGF 7836'6"30.3564.51
CGF 9047'6"40.4525.01 11/16


  1. Permission to use material from the website, personal communication with John Posey of Lamiglas.