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Scott Fly Rods


The following marketing description was taken from the Scott website courtesy of Scott Fly Rods.

"Scott Fibertouch rods are a creek crawler's dream come true. Rock hopping up little mountain streams, searching pockets and tailouts with bushy dries for beautiful little natives is a specialized way to fish. Casts only a few feet off the rod tip, or under and around tangles of wood are as common as the "long" 30 foot straightaway. If this is your thing, make sure to take a high performance Scott Fibertouch glass rod along. They're perfectly matched to these environments, the fish and your passion."

"Why Fiberglass? Our special S-glass helps us build short, light line rods that have moderate progressive actions. That means you can cast accurately in close and enjoy the pull of a small fish."

The F Series rods come in four, 3 piece models. The rod blanks are black with black spigot ferrules. The guides are chrome plated with black wraps with white trim. The reelseat/grip is full cork with bright cap and ring hardware.

Model No.LengthLineWt. (oz)Price

Rod blanks

All four models are also available as unfinished rod blanks ($265).


  1. Permission to use material from the website, personal communication with Jim Bartschi of Scott Fly Rods.
  2. Photo courtesy of Cameron Mortenson.


Scott Rods are reputed to be slightly quick for fiberglass.  I will add reviews to this page when time permits.