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Welcome to the Fiberglass Flyrodders Wiki!

Welcome to the Wiki

This Wiki works in conjunction with the the Fiberglass Flyrodders discussion forum. The Wiki holds information, specifications, model numbers, and other useful information. But for discussion and questions about the rods, collecting, fishing, for sale, building, and the general why of fiberglass flyrods, please visit the forum.

Note: This wiki is copyrighted by the original authors. The text and photos contained in the wiki are NOT in the public domain. Except where noted, pages are copyrighted to Thomas J. Gould.

Finding your way around

The Wiki is navigated like any other website. The links are shown in blue text. The Sidebar contains links to all of the Wiki pages. Basically, it is the Table of Contents. There is a Modern Rods section with pages for each of the glass rod makers active in the market. There is also a separate page just listing the available Modern Rod Blanks. There is a Classic Rods section. This section has a large number of pages - one for each of major makers of the past. At this point I have only included pages for the bigger companies. As time goes on, we will be able to include any maker we feel is worthwhile (send me a e-mail and I'll add them).

You can help

If you got here, and you have the password, you may edit these pages, add information, and add comments/reviews. There is an entry for each current builder on the Modern Rods pages. Under Classic Rods there are fairly complete pages for Sage and Silaflex (please read these before entering information on other pages). Most of the Classic Rod entries need someone to share his knowledge of model numbers and details. If you provide the information, I will edit the page to make the format match the rest of the pages. Please reference any information you provide (see General References) for details.

I have interlinked the Wiki pages to make navigation easy. I think I provided enough topics and pages to accommodate everyone's favorite rod models. But, if you feel there should be additional pages or topics, please do not create them outright. Instead, contact me at and I will add and link the new pages into the website.

Please, only add photos of notable or unusual features. I do not want the Wiki to become a source of photos used in scam eBay auctions.

Getting started